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Ferrari, other sports cars & motorbikes
Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, are just a few of the names which have made the Emilia-Romagna region famous in the whole world. Thanks to a perfect combination of mechanical genius and refined sport design the region is also known as the “motor valley of Italy”. It is in towns like Maranello and Imola that the legendary car models and motorbike models were created and these have contributed significantly to the history of motors.

Are you a fan of sports cars? Coplanity can make your dream come true by organizing the rental of a Ferrari or any other sport car of your preference, enabling you to drive it on the road or directly on the racetrack.

If your passion is somewhat calmer, a trip to the Ferrari museum or to any of the big sports car producers might suit you better and satisfy your motor interest.
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